The J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center (JPCREC) is situated in Oconee County, Georgia. The JPCREC is comprised of 1,077 acres and lies approximately 60 miles east of Atlanta and 10 miles west of the university’s main campus in Athens, Georgia.

The area's climate and soils are suited for most of the commodities grown in the southern piedmont region of the United States.  JPREC staff maintains a herd of 200 angus and angus-based brood cows and currently support research in many areas including forage production and utilization by beef cattle, alfalfa breeding and production, fescue breeding, clover breeding, corn production strategies, and cotton variety trials. 

Cows, cow-calf pairs and yearling cattle are available for use in many of these research efforts. In addition to JPREC's support of the CAES research mission, the REC's proximity to campus makes us ideally suited to support the teaching and extension missions of the CAES.  JPREC houses the Oconee County Cooperative Extension offices as well as the North Region Agricultural Education offices.  JPCREC employs a superintendent and three full-time staff members.